What We Offer

Animal Care (Agriculture)

Within our agricultural unit students learn to take responsibility of the care and cleaning of various animals. Our students are mainly taught in areas of poultry care and goat keeping. We also have a Shetland pony, guinea pigs, rabbits, ducks and Coy carp. The students learn to care for these animals on a daily basis. These skills include the collection of eggs, cleaning and weighing, stamping and boxing the eggs ready for sale. Alongside the care of animals students are learning valuable life skills such as tea working, communication, numeracy and literacy.


Aquaponics is a system we recently installed to enable us to grow leafy vegetables all year long! Aquaponics involves raising fish in a tank. The waste produced by the fish is converted by microbes to produce an organic food source (fertiliser) for the plants.


The classic car workshop enables students to learn about cars pre-dating the late 1980’s. This section on the farm gives students the opportunity to work on mechanics and gain an understanding of vintage vehicles!

Construction & Woodwork

The woodwork department is where students can gain ‘hands on’ experience of carpentry. Students have the opportunity to build bird boxes, bat boxes, solitary bee houses, garden furniture, planters and plaques. Many of these items are sold through our High Street charity shop and the farm itself. Students are encouraged to work on their own projects if they have any ideas about what they would like to create.


The forest school is situated at the top of the farm in a small woodland area. The farm is visited twice weekly by primary age children from Medina House. Here the pupils learn about woodland crafts, fire building and play in the woodland area. There are opportunities for our volunteers to assist in this section.


This section offers students a wide range of experiences in gardening and horticulture. The farm sells many of our nursery grown plants and vegetables through the farm, farm shop and local markets. The farm produces hanging baskets for the local council and plants for other island based organisations.

Life Skills

Alongside the specific areas students can work in, our students are encouraged to continue learning and developing the life skills that are important for social and emotional development. Students are encouraged and supported by staff to develop their skills and well being.

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