Kid Goats arrive at Haylands

We had two new arrivals at the farm when one our female goat Lottie delivered a male and female kid in quick succession. Mum did a good job at bonding with her newborns and it wasn’t long before both were on their feet and allowed to suckle. The labour created a great deal of interest among students and staff which did not seem to phase mum at all.

The goats were named Frank and Lisa. They are currently stable bound until they have have been signed off by the vet, when we hope they will be able to enjoy outside adventures in the warm weather.

Photo credit: Darcy Harrison 2018

Cold Weather Warning

We have a cold weather warning in place for the Isle of Wight this week. So for those of you who attend Haylands Farm, we would like to remind you to wear warm clothing and waterproof shoes. Lots of thin layers are better than thick layers, as these will keep you insulated. Hats and Gloves will be useful to keep you warm if you are working outside.

The cold weather is heading our way from Siberia on Thursday and may bring snow to the island. We will try our hardest to remain open. However, if your journey is going to be difficult please do not cause any unnecessary risk to yourself by traveling to the farm.

Stay warm and take care!


Changes to Acute Services

The acute services currently being delivered by St Mary’s Hospital are in the process of being redesigned. IW Mencap has been involved in giving our views on the impact that changes would have on people with learning disabilities at a meeting with Cheryl Souter.  This document is open to comment before final decisions are made by the NHS and council.
If you would like to offer feedback or comments then a document is available for you to view here
All of your feedback will be treated anonymously, which means Cheryl will not give your names when she discusses your views. Please visit for more information.

Christmas Tree Sale



All of our christmas trees are now HALF PRICE.

The trees are fresh cut and island grown. We offer a delivery service to Ryde households for just £3. Please feel free to come and take a look.

Christmas Tree Pricings:

5ft £20 now £10

6ft £24 now £12

8ft £32 now £17

UKSA Support Forest School

The National Citizen Service (NCS) gives 15 to 17 year olds the chance to build skills for work and life. As part of the Phase 3 and 4 Social Action Challenge, the group led by UKSA chose Haylands Farm as their charity.

The students put themselves to work in Forest School. The students helped to update seating and stepping stones ready for SEN primary students who attend Forest School during term time.

Jodie’s Microflight

Haylands Farm was kindly given a micro flight by IW Mencap. In the spring we picked a member of staff out of a hat to take the micro flight. Our staff member Jodie was the lucky victim and she set about raising funds for the farm.

On Saturday 12th August, we had a window of clear weather and Jodie was finally able to take to the skies. Jodie managed to raise over £500 which will go towards a farm outing to thank our wonderful students for all their hard work on the farm!

Ryde Town Council Donation for Accesible Pathways

This August we were awarded a generous donation by Ryde Town Council. The donation of £850 was presented to the farm by former mayor and councillor Henry Adams who chose us as his ‘charity of the year’.

The money will be used to create new accessible pathways for the sensory garden which is to be developed on the farm.

You can find out more about the Sensory Garden Project on the blog post.

Isle of Wight Community Action Awards

Kirk Driscoll, Lewis Woodmoore and Jon Baker

We are very pleased to announce that we won first prize. Well done to all our students, volunteers and staff. Thank you for all your hard work! We would also like to say a big thank you to our local community for supporting us over the years.

New Additions at Haylands Farm!

At the start of Spring we have welcomed five new goats to the farm. Four of the goats are a Pygme breed which is a small breed of domestic goat. The goats are called Hector, Scruffy, Billy and Crystal. We also have another goat called Charlie who is a Bagot. Bagot breeds are believed to be the first recorded goats in Britain.

The goats came from nearby Wootton but needed re-homing. Nichola Cook, the manager of Haylands Farm took a particular liking to Crystal who is the youngest and smallest of the five goats. Crystals size and curious nature has resulted in her needing to rescued on a couple of occasions as she likes to poke her head through the wire fencing.

The goats have settled in well with the rest of the farm residents and are happily sharing the fields with our older goats Barbara and Luka.


Cracking Baby Ducklings

In late April we watched the new ducklings make their way into the world. The first duckling Stella arrived on the 20th of April 2017. Quickly followed by Chantelle and Dave. We had a late arrival from Duncan who is the smallest member of our ‘Runner’ duck family.  The ducks have not been sexed yet and we are waiting to see if they will be crested, time will tell!